Dual Enrollment Participation Agreement 2020

E-mail dualenrollment@augusta.edu to let us know that you (the student), your parent and the high school counselor have completed the GA Futures online application. Once we receive this email, we will send you a non-payment code for the Augusta University Dual Enrollment insurance application. Please complete the request for assistance to GA Futures. Once you have signed up for the GA futures grant, your parents must sign the participation agreement. Then your advisor must sign the ga Futures participation agreement and add your approved course. A new participation agreement is required for each period. For more information on alternating enrolment at Augusta University, please contact dualenrollment@augusta.edu. Information and applications for the double incense program are provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. To apply for the Dual Enrollment program, the following documents must be sent to the Augusta University Accreditation Service. Please note that students of the alternating registration do not have to pay the registration fee. When a student completes his application before receiving the fee exemption and pays a delivery of fees, he cannot be reimbursed.

Upon receipt of an acceptance package, students must log into their Augusta University email account and students` POUNCE account with their username and password on the acceptance letter. Access Your Accounts Transcripts must be sent directly from the high school to the Augusta University Admissions Office.1120 15th Street, Benet, Augusta, GA 30912 Registration information will be provided for guidance. Students must participate in the orientation before they can enrol in the teaching. For more information, visit the Verification of Lawful Presence website. 1080 Evidence-based reading and writing – Mathe480 on evidence-based reading and writing440 on math books, course fees, parking cards and other relevant information are dealt with in the case of a double-winding orientation. The request for double-winding funds consists of three parts: The end-of-cycle notes at the end of each semester, the chancellery will make available to students letter notes to high schools. Please note that digital notes are not specified. Students take college classes instead of high school classes and earn both high school and university credit at the same time.

This program is aimed at graduate students in higher education. Sat refers to the SAT before March 2016. SAT tests conducted after March 2016 are converted to the old SAT scale, measured on a scale of 1600 with math and critical reading values. The correspondence between the old and the new SAT is based on a comparison of the new mathematical section with the old mathematical section and a new reading with the old critical reading. New concordance tables refer to the dual program at the University of Augusta offering juniors and seniors of the high school the opportunity to get ahead of the university. Participants in the dual study must submit immunization documents to Student Health Services and complete an online TB questionnaire. Dual-registered students must participate in the orientation. Check the guidance information on your official acceptance file. Official point reports are those sent directly by the test agency to Augusta University.

Results should be received before the application deadline. Here are the institutional codes for the University of Augusta:


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