Scheduling Agreement Output Type

If I understood your question correctly. If the status records are maintained automatically, all your SL outputs should be done IF the status records are already maintained Try ME9F with the EV app in fact. mea culpa! I got the impression that me31L, the original transaction for planning, had the same set of messages as me38! Yes, it is possible with a different type of output. Set up the new output type for the email and give it a try. You cannot use an output type for EDI and email. Hi everyone, I found the solution myself, so I`ll post it here:If you publish your planning agreement for the planning agreement, e.B. CODE ME84 and the output is user-friendly and distributed, but in Del. Sch. remains the state of the latest “yellow” version in which you keep Shell SPRO: Mngmnt Materials -> Purchase -> News -> Output Control -> Message Types -> Set Message Types for Version/Exporter Scheduling. Then run Fine-Tuned Control: Forecast Delivery/Expediter.

There you have Shell Check the box for the 9/A operation and the output you use for the versions. It worked for me. Hi friends, is there a way to create the NEW output type for multiple scheduling agreements (SA) in std sap? I want to create a reel to print several SAs. — Sent from my mobile device Ragards Parag Greetings,Tomek Check if you have made the setting to create a new output each time the SA Sch line is published. spro – Materials management – Purchasing – News – Output control – Packaging tables – Definition of the status table for the scheduling agreement – Table 503 created (for the order type and the carton supplier) and Table 504 (for the type of purchase) I need benefits in kind to determine a schedule agreement. I have problems with the planning agreement (LPA type). I have a planning agreement and I kept the schedule by running the layout. The schedule can be maintained and I can run the version (generate the SA version for FRC and JIT). The publication has been directly documented (I can see it when the SA delivery schedule is displayed) and I can also print it.

The problem is that the status of the SA output documentation is still yellow (there is already information about this). As a result, the version number of this SA is still blocked in point 1, although changes in the content of the expression have become effective (the output of the order of priority has been modified because GR SA e.V. consumes or affects the execution of the provision). but if we create a planning agreement (ME31L) and plan after (ME38), the list of output message types that appears in the messages is that of framework agreements (contracts). The planning agreement is defined. Once the planning lines are updated, the corresponding requirement is transmitted to the supplier via the EDI process. Outputs are identified via output media under the term “EDI”. Here, any change in quantity or other details related to the planning agreement, the seller must be informed of the same option in a way other than EDI (e-mail or fax). At the time of creation, the search for messages is done via EDI. This requires the maintenance of the conditions for determining expenditure. In this case, it is possible to make changes to the delivery schedule via another medium to the creditor.

Can you give an indication of that requirement? spro – Materials management – Purchasing – News – Output control – Access sequences – Key sequence to define the planning agreement:. . Take a closer look at Oracle database analysis with an expert Click here to see a free dan Hotka white paper! `` No redistribution. You already have an active moderator alert for this content. Hello YOSEA, can you explain how you solved your yellow status issue? I would be very happy to know!BR, Tomek. You will find attached the adjustment of the framework agreement and the types of exit messages that we see in the ME31L transaction the details of the delivery date and the amount communicated to the creditor in the form of the scheduling agreement. Do I miss it? Depending on the state of the game configuration system, the LPH2 output type (for printing) should not be generated for JIT versions. Repeat the process described below for each client (in SD) or for the client (in MM) that is to receive faxes by fax (this must be all clients included in the access order you specified for the new output type). So now, when I create the FRC system, I will create both the LPH1 (for EDI) and LPH2 (for printing) output as expected. But now, when I generate the jIT output system, LPJ1 (for EDI) and LPH2 (for printing – Not expected) are generated. We are working on the layout of the type of retention document: LPA.

I understand that for the FRC versions, we have the standard LPH1 and LPJ1 versions for JIT (just in time). I maintained the condition set (Tcode:MN10) with the purchasing organization/supplier for the EDI combination for output type QM1 and LPH1, and the system triggers the EDI output at the time of both versions. Our requirement is that at the time of FRC publications, we wanted to send EDI messages (LPH1) to the supplier and print them also for internal business processes. So I kept the condition set (code T:MN10) with Doc-Type/Purchase-Org/Vendor for the type:LPH2 output as the print output. Requirement: 109 is assigned to output procedure, output type: LPH2 ME6H Standard analysis: Ven Evaluation ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables You already have an active moderator warning for this content. We adapted the output types and messages for the planning agreement, following all the steps of the NACE transaction. “No outbound service interface SALES_SCHEDULING_AGREEMENT associated with the output type.” I tried to configure EDI output for distribution plans in SAP S/4 HANA CLOUD. .


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